Natalie & Alanna for Sodium Collective Magazine

Natalie & Alanna rose & butterfly print dress, top and trousers and our red tulle trench coat in this beautiful editoral for the first issue of Sodium Magazine.  

Sodium Collective Magazine @sodiumcollective 

Editor-In-Chief: Pear Chimma @pearchimmastyle

Photographer: Doh Lee @dohlee11; Assistant: Fabio Giannetto @74photography_

Styling: Pascale Cross @ignite_the_muse; Assistant: Pattariya Thumjunjua @sug arb36m

Models: Mali @malibooh with Premier @premiermodels 

Amanda Mondale @amandamondale with Premier @premiermodels 

Makeup Artist: Luka Watabe @lukawatabe

Hair Stylist: Asahi Sano @asahi_sano 

Producer: May Rivas @debyzerwatch